Rem Line Transporter is a young and dynamic organization with more than 20 years of experience in the field of road, sea and air freight transport, as well as other warehousing, distribution, customs commissioning, special cargo projects. the important thing is to thank all our clients through the
professionalism, promptitude and inter-human relationship that is created automatically from the moment the first transport order is signed.

For the road segment, we own a self-contained fleet consisting of several types of cargo vehicles that are currently engaged in a Europe-wide distribution project. Any collaborator agreed to by us goes through a rigorous selection of compatibility of our standards to provide first of all SAFETY! By definition, this is the role of an expedition house, to find the optimal transport variant vi-à-vis the price / quality ratio, in our case the transit time / budget of the related solutions.

We are acting like G.S.P – Global Service Participant

Road transport Services
Perceived as a core segment of integrated logistics, we are quick to note the regular logistics solutions that we own both through our own fleet and our collaborators across Europe. All the vehicles owned or contracted are equipped with GPS devices that can be tracked in real time, CMR insurance of at least EUR 100,000, maintained perfectly and very clean both inside and outside, and from a technical point of view we ensure when contracting a collaborator that fulfills all the technical details, as well as a very good look by sending pictures of the van that is to be presented at loading.

The dispatch center is divided into different parts of Europe as well as on distinct segments such as:
National Transportation – Groupage Department
National Transportation – Complete Department
National Transportation – Agabaritic Department
National Transportation – Refrigeration Department
National Transportation – Department of Distribution and Storage
National Transportation – Intermodal Department
International Transportation – Regular Group Departments
International Transportation – Complete Department
International Transportation – Agabaritic Department
International Transportation – Refrigeration Department
International Transportation – Distribution and Storage
Transport National / International – SPECIAL CARGO Department

Sea Freight Services
We are a shipping company that offers to its clients maritime transport services to and from Constanta port. The goods can be transported in complete or grouped containers to any port in the world, but the most competitive service is China-Romania.
Each international transport is carried out under the direct supervision of REM LINE TRANSPORTER dispatchers so that the goods reach the safest conditions at destination. International cargo shipping is made in the FCL – FULL CONTAINER LOAD system – a container dedicated to a single consignor recipient with all container types. Container types used are 20 ‘and 40’, standard-universal, open-top, high cube, flat rack, platform, refrigerated-reefer, container tank and 45 ‘container.

Air Freight Services
REM LINE TRANSPORTER offers worldwide air freight solutions for both imported and exported goods using both the most powerful airline services, both with line and charter aircraft. Thus, having links with the largest air nodes, we offer the possibility of fast shipment of goods and arrival at destination in an efficient transit time. Using both its own infrastructure and that of its partners, REM LINE TRANSPORTER offers complete air freight services to meet your specific needs.

Our capabilities and collaboration with partners around the world is to ensure that your cargo arrives at your destination intact and on time.
IATA CASS member, REM LINE TRANSPORTER provides logistics services to quality partners in Romania through its offices in Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Oradea, Timisoara, Galati, Iasi and Cluj- Napoca, thus successfully covering all major commercial areas in the country, for contact and optimal
communication with its clients.

Intermodal Transport Services
Intermodal Transport Operations (railway-road-car) form an important part of REM LINE TRANSPORTER activities in Romania and beyond.
Being one of the only private operators of container terminal in Bucharest, REM LINE TRANSPORTER aims to build a door-to-door network of intermodal distribution services in Southeastern Europe – affiliated to other additional railway terminals in Timisoara, Arad and Targu Mures and soon extends to Bilk – Hungary, and Austria.

Intermodal Service REM LINE TRANSPORTER specializes in managing the following traffic flows:
Marine containers for South Eastern Europe through Constanta Port (Romania), in intermodal transport further in the whole region Continental containers (so-called “mobile boxes”) for transport between Romania and all Western European countries Domestic transport in Romania with specialized semi-trailers for sea containers as well as for continental containers